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 Debra Snyder
        Ms Debbie       

Education/Childcare Experience: Ms Debbie has been in childcare since 1997. She currently holds a directors credential from SPC and an AS in Early Childhood Education from SPC. Ms Debbie has worked with all age groups over her lengthy childhood experience and began with the Sprout - St Petersburg location back in 2002 when it was Child Life Preshool. 

Personal Family Life: Ms. Debbie has two older sisters. She has no children of her own but has more nieces and nephews that she can count, four step children, and seven grandchildren. She is happily married to her husband Robert and their two dogs are her children. 

Teaching Philosophy: "Every child is special and unique in their own way. Every child also deserves the same opportunity to succeed as their peers. Children also learn at different times so be patient and they will get it. Patience is key in teaching. If you're not patient, you're in the wrong profession."

Favorites: Food - Pasta    Book - True Crime Series   Drink - A&W Root Beer   Season/Holiday - Christmas   Hobby - Reading & Playing Tablet Games   Movie - Pretty Woman   Color - Pink & Purple   Animal - Dogs & Cats   Vacation Spot - Buffalo, NY, NYC to see best friend and in-laws

Alikisha Baldwin
Ms. Ali

Education/Childcare Experience: Ms Ali currently holds a CDA and her directors credentials. She has been in child care since 2003 and with Sprout since 2008. She has worked with multiple age groups and at different Sprout locations.

Personal Family Life: Ms Ali has three beautiful children - two girls and a boy ages 14, 11, and 4

Teaching Philosophy: "Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Everything happens for a reason. Live, love, laugh every day like its your last."

Favorites: Food - Chicken Wings, Pizza, & Salad    Book - NA   Drink - Water & Strawberry Lemonade   Season/Holiday - Christmas   Hobby - Party Planner        Movie - Titanic, The Blind Side, & Lifetime Movies   Color - Yellow   Animal - Fish   Vacation Spot - NA