Preschool Education for 3-4 year olds

The Sprout Academy Preschool Program

As preschoolers gain more self-esteem, they feel ready to take on the world. Our preschool program enhances that confidence by providing activities to help children become problem solvers and develop a love of lifelong learning.

Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, children develop a variety of skills and knowledge in areas like early literacy, mathematics, science, Spanish and social skills. 

We're proud of the work we do. In fact, The Sprout Academy creates its programs to align to the highest quality learning standards that progress sequentially across six developmental domains. These include:

Add to this a healthy dose of running, jumping and movement to keep them active and you start to see why The Sprout Academy is a true leader in early childhood education.

Our Preschool Program Features

The Sprout Academy Early Foundations Preschool Program

A guide to your child's early education

Discover how our six areas of focus give your child endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Communicating with Others
We guide your child in developing communication skills.
We use a language-rich environment to encourage children's development of early literacy skills through activities like daily read-aloud of high-quality children's literature to promote a love of reading, journal experiences that give your child the ability to practice writing letters and words, and multiple opportunities to identify and use letters and words to expand their vocabulary and practice their developing abilities to communicate. 

Building Brain Power
We help your child gain higher-level thinking skills.
We encourage the exploration of the physical properties of materials; use daily calendar activities to teach about sequence of events, patterns, and routines; and support the learning of cognitive skills such as counting, making predictions, testing, and drawing conclusions. 

Making New Friends
We coach your child in developing strong relationships.
We model social concepts such as "please" and "thank you," have daily classroom conversations and community-building discussions, explore similarities and differences between children, and encourage cooperation with other children.

Growing a Healthy Body
We help your child refine motor skills.
We use lacing cards, stencils, and writing activities to enhance fine-motor skills; strengthen coordination and gross-motor skills through running, jumping, and throwing activities, offer healthful food choices for snacks and meals, and encourage learning about the ways our bodies respond to the exercise and nutrition we take in. 

Nurturing Creativity
We inspire your child to explore creative ideas and talents. We encourage children to express themselves through creative arts and provide daily opportunities for children to paint, move, and sing, tell stories with puppets, and build and play in dramatic scenes. 

Developing Lasting Life Skills
We develop real-time problem-solving skills.
We support the application of knowledge in new ways. We encourage curiosity and choice, provide children the opportunity to problem-solve, demonstrate flexibility (in thinking) and use daily routines to promote memory.

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