Child Care Information

Are you new to child care? We know that searching for a child care center can be stressful, but finding the right facility can also be rewarding for your family. Finding the right center gives you the peace of mind that your child is learning, growing and having fun.

At The Sprout Academy, we know you have many options when it comes to child care. You may wonder why use a child care company rather than family or an in-home care provider. Some of the benefits include:


Location, value and the quality of care are all important factors in your decision. You’ll want to place your child with a center that first cares for your child like you would. We know that child care safety and security is as important as academics and activities.

Of course, you’ll also want a child day care center that is convenient to your home or work. We have multiple centers - many of them accredited to uphold high standards of quality.

Finally, you may wish to consider the relative value you and your child receive from the quality of care and development programs. The Sprout Academy develops well-rounded children, helping them grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. And, we offer additional before and after school services so you child will have even more fun as they grow and learn.

It is normal to feel uncertain about leaving your child in someone else’s care. At The Sprout Academy child care centers we understand and are sensitive to your concerns, and we’re here to answer any questions large or small. Whether you turn to The Sprout Academy or another child care provider, you need a partner who will work with you and your child to communicate, educate and nurture your entire family’s needs.

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