"When I first visited The Sprout Academy I was drawn to the school because it was run by a family. I narrowed my choices from eight schools to two schools but the most important factor for me was safety and trust. Knowing that the school was founded and run by such a loving family helped me feel that my child would be safe. In addition, The Sprout Academy has multiple teachers that have been there for an extremely long time. This longevity creates a sense of family and trust which resonates throughout the school." - Elsa Ellis

Jennifer Gronkivich, Mrs. _AT

"Our two sons have spent three happy and wonderful years at The Sprout Academy - St Pete. The staff provided a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for them while developing their social skills and confidence and preparing them for Kindergarten. Our boys learned so much while at Sprout including music and science! They are really going to miss their teachers and the wonderful friends that they made there." - Joan Sullivan

Joan Sullivan, Mrs. _AT