The District Office

The district office is located within the Seminole location and is run by Ms. Gallegos. Having multiple site locations means that things are taken care of “at the district level". They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Selection of curriculum materials
  • Staff assignments, employee hires and dismissals, labor negotiations and contracts
  • Monitoring both revenues and expenditures
  • Compliance with state and federal laws, including regulations related to dozens of categorical programs which range from special education to school lunches
  • Management of the district’s real property and facilities

  • and so on...

    In addition, we centralize certain parts of our operation for efficiency and effectiveness through the district office. These include staff development, purchasing, technology planning, strategic planning, public information, student transportation, student performance standards, and student assessments, to name just a few. Ms Gallegos the oversight for these processes at each of the centers and can be reached at the information below.

    Contact Me

    District Manager: Gigi Gallegos

    Location Address: 9259 Park Blvd  Seminole, FL 33777
    Phone/Fax: 727-692-6096